Our Roundup of Platinum Jubilee Snacks!

Break out the bubbly and toast to Queen Liz who, by some miracle, has made it through 70 whole years on the throne. That’s roughly 25,550 days of throne-sitting, crown-wearing, and ribbon-cutting. Even if you’re not much of a Royalist, that doesn’t mean you can’t also partake in the jubilations and toast to the glorious four day weekend!

Whatever you’re celebrating this bank holiday, be sure to indulge in some limited edition, once-in-a-lifetime Jubilee snacks. We’ve done the hard work for you, by scouring the shelves and rounding the nation’s best Jubilee snacks up for you here.

1. Fortnum's Platinum Jubilee Mini Musical Biscuit Tin

This first snack truly is all singing and all dancing; it provides a “rousing rendition” of ‘God Save the Queen’ to accompany your biscuit-munching tea-time jubilations. Whether you decide to opt for a respectful silence or patriotic sing-along during this rendition is entirely up to you! Watch out for who can make it to the end of the song without tucking into the chocolate and macadamia biscuits. At £14.95, this tin baers plenty of bang for your buck.

But if your Jubilee entertainment budget doesn’t stretch to Fornum’s musical tin, you can find a cheaper alternative at your local M&S. For £8 (£10 online at Ocado.com) you can secure yourself some delicious shortbread that you can eat with the musical accompaniment of our national anthem.

2. Buckingham Palace X Biscuiteers Jubilee Biscuit Tin

For biscuits more decorated than Prince Charles himself, look no further than the Biscuiteers’ Jubilee biscuit tin. If you’ve ever seen the Queen’s corgis thought “oh, I could just gobble them up”, now you can. The tin also includes gingerbread beefeaters, the royal horse and cart, Buckingham Palace, and the crown jewels – a royally delicious scene!

But if £58 is beyond your biscuit budget, you can opt instead for their £7.95 Jolly Ginger Queenie which we’re sure will whet anyone’s appetite for patriotism. 

3. Hartington Creamery’s Platinum Jubilee Bonanza Hamper

If you’re looking for something a little less cheesy and a little more, well, cheesy, then look no further than Hartington Creamery’s Jubilee Bonanza hamper. This savoury selection will surely please your not-so-sweet-toothed guests.

This hamper not only includes two delectable blue cheeses and a premium cheddar, but also some salt and pepper crackers as well as a rhubarb chutney to pair with these platinum goods.

4. House of Dorchester Salted Caramel Crowns

The House of Dorchester’s salted caramel crowns, with their gold dusting and delicate shape, are glitz and glamour in chocolate form. These are arguably the most elegant Jubilee snack on the market; we imagine they would pair well with a cup of tea or, perhaps, a glass of fizz. Truly decadent. 

5. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tin

Now back to biscuits – only this time with a snack which resists kitsch novelties in favour of simplicity and tradition. Walker’s Jubilee Tin boasts a contemporary portrait of her majesty, with some nostalgic images of her as a young, newly-appointed monarch. Inside you will find some classic, pure butter shortbread imprinted with the familiar Union Jack outline. This will make a tasteful (and tasty) addition to any Jubilee celebrations.

6. M&S Platinum Jubilee Sausage Rolls

There’s no better excuse to pig out, to go the whole hog, than an extra long bank holiday weekend. But if you’re past your third pint and you need a reminder as to why the nation is collectively elated, or why the streets are adorned with Union Jacks, then these sausage rolls – branded with “70” – might jog your memory.

7. Cocoa Runners’ Jubilee Craft Chocolate Box

If you’re keen to look outward, beyond the borders of the UK, this Commonwealth craft chocolate box is a brilliant way to celebrate chocolatiers from across the globe. Rest assured, the cocoa growers who contributed to the making of these bars received fair wages, in line with the values of Cocoa Runners and the craft chocolate movement they’re promoting. More to the point, this box boasts a delicious array of milk and dark chocolate bars – all of which have been ethically sourced and carefully made. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get patriotic and celebrate Great British ethical chocolatiers, you can choose from their Jubilee Milk Chocolate Gift Box, or their dark chocolate equivalent.

That concludes our tour through the best Platinum Jubilee snacks the internet and highstreet have to offer! We hope these go down a storm at whatever street party, afternoon tea, or full-blown feast you put on this / next weekend. Whatever snacks you decide to add to your Jubilee spread, be sure to spend some time catching up with loved ones, neighbours, friends – whoever you’re spending the long weekend with – between bites of cheese, biscuits, and sausage rolls. 

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