Opply Picks: Our Favourite Organic Brands!

It’s National Organic Month and to celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favourite organic snacks!

Organic food and beverages are big news right now, with one in five people saying at least half the food they buy is organically produced.

If you’re looking to introduce some organic foods into your food cupboard or fridge, here are some of our favourites – all produced by small businesses we love.

1. Karma Bites

Once upon a time, crisps were made from potatoes. Now anything can be fried and put in a bag, from lentils to root vegetables!

Karma Bites’ offering is even more unusual – popped lotus seeds. Plant-based, healthy, and organic, these little bites of crispy goodness will satisfy your urge for a snack.

2. Coombe Farm Organic

We love a trip to the local farm shop or local farmer’s market; just as we know the products on sale are fresh, tasty, and most importantly, organic.

Coombe Farm Organic is based in Cornwall and sells not only crusty loaves of organic bread, but ethically reared meat and bone broth. Perfect if you want something nutritious to sip to set you up for the day.

3. Doughlicious

Fancy something sweet to eat but can’t be bothered to get the cookbooks out? Doughlicious has got you covered.

With Doughlicious, you can have snackable, ready-to-eat cookie dough delivered to your door – gluten-free, vegan, and organically made. All you have to do is open the bag!

4. ChicP

When you have organic snacks to eat, whether crisps, falafel, or pitta bread, you need something equally organic to dip them in.

ChicP specialises in natural and nutritious hummus, from spinach and parsley to beetroot and horseradish. By using surplus vegetables, this small business ensures nothing is wasted.

5. Doisy and Dam

Chocolate is an amazing treat, and organic chocolate is even more amazing! Doisy and Dam is an ethical chocolate manufacturer, sourcing high-quality cocoa and refusing to use ingredients like palm oil.

Plus, they offer a monthly subscription box, so you get chocolatey goodies sent to your door – sign us up!

6. Abakus Foods

Like a bag of crisps, we can’t just stop at one, so we’ve featured another organic crisp brand.

Abakus Foods specialises in delicious seaweed crisps, which are salty, crispy, and extremely crunchy!

7. Piccolo

Because adults shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to organic snacks!

Piccolo specialises in healthy, delicious Mediterranean-inspired baby food, made from 100% organic ingredients. Plus, it gives 10% of its profits back to the local community.

8. Secret Garden Distillery

Okay, we’ve looked at organic foods… now to look at some organic beverages!

Secret Garden Distillery’s Wild Gin is made from organic grains, as well as home-grown botanicals, including nettle and bog myrtle. Perfect served with a refreshing tonic and any snack from this list. Cheers!

If you want to make it easier to source organic ingredients for your business, Opply is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can make your supply chain a little bit greener.

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