Meet the Opply Team – Reinaldo Quintero


Reinaldo joined Opply in April 2022 as a backend developer on the engineering team.  Consistently recognised as having the best hair on the team, he’s also plant-based and always has a great vegan food recommendation up his sleeve.

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After racking up an impressive set of qualifications in Venezuala as an undergraduate in Pyschology and master of Data Science, Reinaldo relocated to sunny Spain 5 years ago and brings a wealth of start-up experience to the team, having worked with tech on security teams, and more recently as a backend developer for a transport start-up in the Netherlands.


As a key part of the backend engineering team, Reinaldo oversees a variety of projects from platform development to sorting payment.  Mainly working with Python on the behind the scenes part of the app, any new feature proposed by product is created and developed by Reinaldo and the team. A key part of the role is overseeing user activity and creating ways to get analytics info to make the commercial team’s life easier (we’re very grateful!).


What made you want to work at Opply?

“I knew I liked start-ups after working for a transport company in the Netherlands, but it was really the mindset of Opply that attracted me to come and work here. The whole team is very responsive and dynamic, and the work never feels repetitive. I like that everyone is super-smart but also open and happy to help, and we’re all driven to achieve our goals without getting bogged down in how we get there. Even though we’re a remote-first team, we have great communication across the tech and commercial sides, and it feels like we’re all rowing the same boat, which is a great atmosphere to have!”

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? 

“It’s not one for the arachnophobes, but I once tried roasted tarantula in Venezuela. Surprisingly, it just tastes like chicken!”

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