Meet the Opply Team – Vassy Kouleva


In Greater Toronto born, and in Bulgaria (partially) raised, Vassy joined Opply in May as Supply Operations Executive and brought her passion for music to the team – she’s been playlisting us through the supply chain madness ever since.


Vassy studied a BcS in Food Science at the University of Guelph, and she’s our in-house expert on all things ingredients (the more niche the better!). Her experience in end-to-end food product development ranges from designing and experimenting with plant-based cheese products, to digitally mapping out and creating a tomato saffron and garden vinegar made with the juice of edible flowers. She even ran a project to prototype Canada’s first ice cream subscription service…


An interest in using her experience of food production to help suppliers and brands brought Vassy to Opply where she oversees the automated procurement of suppliers and analyses their data to match brands with the perfect ingredients. Her in-depth knowledge of food science and experience in production mean that she can consult with brands still in their product development phase, enabling them to access her expertise on a wide range of ingredients to choose the best products available for their business.


Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

“Yes! We’ve noticed a huge demand among our brands for a user-friendly version of packaging procurement so I’m collaborating with Kerri, our Brand Manager to explore our options for developing this into a feature of our product”.

What do you value the most about the Opply culture?

“There are two main things for me that make Opply’s working culture so special and unique. I’ve never been in a workplace where I felt that my opinions were valued so much; it means I can work on a range of projects and add real value, without being afraid of failure. I also love that Helen (our fab CEO) has consciously built a culture which is so supportive of women in industry, from transparent salary bands to open conversations about gender inequality, we really practice what we preach in terms of empathy and care for each other as people.”

If you were a contestant on Come Dine With Me, what would your menu be?

I’ve actually done a Come Dine With Me dinner before, so I can tell you exactly what I did! For starters we had asparagus in prosciutto and brie, followed by custom-made thin crust pizzas, and a tiramisu for dessert”. 

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