Meet the Opply Team – Kerr Horn


Employee #1 and living proof that in a start-up, you really can do it all, Kerr joined the Opply team (of two) in January 2022 as Commercial Exec. Always one for an early start, Kerr decided to switch to Product Manager in May after deciding that he couldn’t miss out on the tech team’s 8am daily stand-up.


Kerr studied Neuroscience at the University of Leicester before completing a Masters in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham.  After graduating, he founded a tech company, developing wearable technology for reading brain waves during sport and exercise. Kerr continued the project while working full-time as a neuroscience journal specialist, before joining the Entrepreneur First programme in late 2021. Oh, and he’s also a part-time artist on the side!


In a nutshell, Kerr’s job is to be the bridge between the commercial and tech teams. This involves ideating with the commercial team to develop new product features, turning these ideas into concrete design plans and technical requirements which the development team then go on to build. At the moment, his energy is focused on integrating cross-border transactions into the platform ready to launch into Europe (and beyond!).


What were the most important things that you learned as a co-founder?

“From starting my own company to joining Entrepreneur First, I’ve learned that action always has to come first: being a perfectionist isn’t valuable when you can’t also move quickly to achieve what you want to. Aside from that, it’s important not to assume that the world is ready for what you want to build, and to listen to what people need before creating it. Opply is definitely a great example of a company built from the needs of its customers.”

Why do you love working at Opply?

“I have a pretty unique visibility across the whole team, and not a day goes by where I don’t get to see almost everyone via daily tech stand-ups (yes, at 8am), and the commercial meets. The people and the culture really make it worth it: because we can be open and honest with each other, we’re creating a culture where everyone wants to learn as quickly as possible without the fear of making mistakes. I’ve also been able to transition roles a couple of times to find what works for me which is something the company as a whole really cares about.”

If you could only snack on 3 things for the next 5 years what would they be?

That’s a tough one. It’s quite an eclectic mix but I think I’d go for honey roasted cashews, baked beans, and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. Always Phish Food.”

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